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                When stainless steel cable trays are inconvenient or have special requirements due to space conditions, flexible connection plates and hinged plates can be used. Elastic joints should be equipped with elastic plates; The two components that connect trays and ladders of different widths and heights can be equipped as widening plates or replacement plates. However, during the construction process, supports, hangers, and bridges should be selected according to the planning or engineering layout conditions.


                Generally used for laying highly flexible control cables such as computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables, etc. In environments with severe corrosion, it provides good shielding and interference for control cables, and serves as a maintenance tool for cables.



                The width and height of stainless steel cable trays shall be selected by the manufacturer according to the following requirements: the filling rate of cables in the tray shall not exceed 40% for power cables; Control cables should not exceed 50%. In the future, some spare space should be reserved for additional cables; The load-bearing capacity of the selected pallets and bridge standards should meet the requirements. The uniform load should not exceed the rated uniform load of the selected pallet and ladder load level. For cable tray equipment, manufacturers choose cable lines that need to be shielded from electrical interference.


                Closed trays without covers and holes should be used in areas with corrosive and flammable dust. When cable trays need to be adjusted according to local conditions, assembled trays or trays with holes and ladders should be used. Cover plates should be installed in environments or outdoor areas that require concealment, such as simple accumulation of dust. When low-voltage power lines and control lines share the same bracket or trapezoidal structure, a bracket or trapezoidal structure with a partition in the middle should be selected. Appropriate twists and turns should be provided at the branch to allow the trays and ladders to twist up and down;


                It is necessary for cable tray manufacturers to pay more attention to the distribution environment of cables when dealing with the appearance process of cable trays. The availability of cable distribution environment is abundant. There are many models that can be applied to many different electrical environments. The cable tray has a beautiful appearance, flexible equipment, and is easy to maintain. Due to its high usage, the types are also different. Through some advanced technologies, bridges in transmission lines can be better ensured.

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